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Bill was amazing to work with. He listened to exactly what I wanted, never pushed his own ideas, but provided excellent insight as to why he would do things a certain way. His whole process of designing our house was different than most architects. Instead of sitting down and immediately drawing he actually interviewed us, took notes and provided a written description of our house. It was a process that allowed me to figure out what I wanted but then know that Bill understood what we wanted. As he began drawing out our house he then referred to our written description, or program as he calls it, to make sure all elements of what we wanted was included. At times we would want to make changes to our plans and he would remind us that we would be changing our original program. It was nice to know that he was watching out for us so that we could then decide for sure how to proceed. As this being our first and last time building we were most concerned that we minimized making mistakes. We had heard of so many stories of people making mistakes or regrets as the house was being built. Bill has such an extensive history in the business that he was hands on with our builder and subs throughout the whole process. If there was something not done right he was right on it and had things changed. It was nice to have him be the “bad guy” for us. We live our house and feel that we could not have built such a nice house without him. Our builder had also commented how nice it was to work with Bill as he also helped to make his job easier. Between Bill and my builder they were able to work out how to do many things with our home that is very unique. Bill was our best hire. I would never build another house without him. He is well worth every penny we paid him.Read More

Mammen Architecture is a premier custom design architecture firm. William Mammen has an excellent attention to detail, creativity and an ability to bring his clients vision to fruition. 422 Ontario showcases a complex site dealing with historical preservation, site congestion, limited parking, accessibility, and difficult construction sequencing; the end result is a beautiful, elegant, and high end residence with amazing views and living space. As a structural engineer, I appreciate William’s technical knowledge coupled with his creativity and vision. I always recommend Mammen Architecture and look forward to the result of his creative vision collaborated with the desires, wants, and wishes of his clients.Read More

Talented, innovative and trustworthy describe core values of Bill and Kay Mammen. They listened to us and captured the home environment that we wanted to create with our new construction. With Bill and Kay's expertise, suggestions were made, yet always leaving the final decision to us. Together we created something that was beyond what we expected while being sensitive to cost. Bill's dedication to the detail and Kay's excellent style was a perfect combination. We couldn't be happier with the final result!Read More

We engaged Bill Mammen to design a modern energy-efficient home at 6,500 ft near Park City in Utah. Bill was very quick to grasp the style and look-and-feel of the home we wanted, and he incorporated all features from our very tight brief, while also satisfying the HOA Architectural Guidelines. Often in conjunction with the General Contractor, Bill organized and attended meetings and demonstrations with specialists in various fields of expertise. Although he helped with the selections of finishes, Bill was flexible enough to allow us to overrule him. A large part of the design and construction of our home occurred whilst we were overseas and in a totally different timezone, so email communication was imperative.Read More

This is our second custom home with Mammen Associates and we are extremely happy with the results. We love their overall and room by room requirements approach to design. Our new home works perfectly for the use cases we defined. They are very open to comments and feedback during the design process. We also appreciated the site visits and feedback to subcontractors during construction. We are very pleased with the attention to sustainable design features that improves the overall efficiency of the home.Read More

Bill provided the architectural design services for our home in Park City, Utah. We worked with him from the beginning, when we purchased the lot in 2007, through the completion of construction. He did all of the architectural design and collaborated with the interior designers to make the project seemless and successful. Bill is very knowledgeable about architecture and has vast experience designing mountain homes in the Park City and surrounding mountain areas. He is very respectful of his clients' design preferences and is creative in working within a budget to obtain the best result for a reasonable price. He also helped us interview and select our contractor and then worked very well with the contractor to make sure the finished product matched the plans. Bill has a particular expertise in passive and active solar systems. He designed the home and situated it on the lot in order to take advantage of sunlight when sunlight would and could heat the home and shade during warmer times of the year. And he helped us get the required approvals for the installation of solar panels, a rarity in our particular development.Read More

We used Mammen Associates Architecture for the design, and construction oversight of our new home. We were initially considering hiring a "home designer" instead of an architect and while the full service architect fees are more, in the long run I'm certain it saved us money to go will Bill Mammen because we avoided many costly mistakes and he designs the homes with budget savvy techniques. We only made very minor changes in the construction process, which saved us money and time because the plans were so well thought out and prepared. To begin with Bill took great effort to "get in our heads" to figure out our needs and visions for our home, both big and small. My husband and I had many ideas, and Bill was able to implement our ideas as well as complimenting them with his own ideas. He is an EXTRAORDINARY problem solver. If husband and I didn't see eye to eye on something, he often found a solution that would make both of us happy. Bill was great at knowing when and how to give his opinion. If he felt like we were making a really bad choice, he'd let us know. But if he disagreed with our choice where it didn't really matter he was very flexible. I would say that hiring Bill Mammen to be our architect was THE BEST decision we made throughout the entire building process. We would not have the excellent product of a home we have now if it weren't for him. Before hiring Bill I called at least half a dozen of his references, and they all were so excited to talk about what a great experience they had with him. He is also an enjoyable person to be around, which helps, because we all spent a lot of time getting the design just right. I thought he was also very reasonable in his pricing.Read More

I have been working with Mammen and Associates Architecture for 5-6 years. As a builder I have always been impressed with Bill's attention to detail, and ability to bring a client dreams and desires to life. Many Architects and Designers are only interested in putting plans on paper. Bill is not one of those architects! He is very involved with the construction process to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch. Bill is a fixture in the Park City Area and his knowledge of the City and the Building department has helped to mitigate many situations that have arisen from constructing in a Historic and Steep slope area. I highly recommend that anyone building or remodeling a home consider Mammen and Associates for their Architecture needs! Garrett StrongRead More

I am an interior design professional who worked as a team member with Mammen Architecture on a large 2nd home in the Park City area. This was a 15 month project. Mammen Architecture was very open to consulting and incorporating ideas from the team and interior designers. The architect has a firm grasp of design elements and materials that make the home exciting but also functional. His credentials are extensive and up-to-date with National LEED certification. He was attentive to detail as well as the nuts and bolts of the construction. The homeowner was very pleased at the end result and the team effort to realize their dream home.Read More

We are absolutely delighted with our new home in Old Town Park City. Bill Mammen did a fantastic job of helping us achieve the look we wanted while respecting the guidelines established by the historic district. We had to follow both style and environmental guidelines and he helped us achieve the perfect balance.Read More

I have worked with Bill Mammen & Associates and find him and his firm to be very creative and knowledgeable about his craft. When we had specific issues we needed to address he seemed to always have an answer that was the right solution we never thought about. He works well with our team and I find him to professional in being able to work and meet the deadlines that need to be met.Read More

Bill Mammen took a lot of time to understand our lifestyle and our needs in a new home. Then he designed a house that has perfectly met those needs. He overcame the challenges of a steep hillside and city codes. He was open to our requests and to incorporating our ideas. He recommended several builders that he thought would do a good job for us. He greatly facilitated our decisions on fixtures. During construction, he was often on site and regularly sent us updates and photos (we lived out of town at the time). This was all done at a very reasonable cost. We were particularly pleased with his utilization of space; having seen how he utilized space at other designs was one reason we chose him. Years later Bill figured out how to add the storage space we needed, even though solid rock and other factors presented significant challenges. He has been the architectural advisor to our HOA's Architectural Committee, giving excellent advice about both technical and aesthetic matters.Read More

We hired Bill Mammen to design a remodel of the bedroom floor of our home. We wanted to upgrade our master bath and increase our closet space. As our children are grown, Bill suggested converting a vacant bedroom into a walk-in closet to provide the additional square footage for the remodel. A design was produced that created a new bedroom/bath/closet suite. We were very pleased with the creativity incorporated in the design and the artistic flair in the finish details. Now that the project is completed and we have had the opportunity to "live" with the remodel, we are very pleased with the "feel" of how everything works together. We are extremely pleased with the finished project. We were exceptionally pleased with our design and with the ease of working with this architect. We will definitely use Mammen Associates Architecture for any future projects.Read More

Bill Mammen is one of a small handful of architects with deep experience in the mountain environment of Park City, Utah and surrounding Summit County. We speak of how to create a beautiful structure that deals with the vagaries of snow, ice and wind while addressing delight in such a climate. As local general contractors we appreciate the sensitivity to views and care for the surrounding native vegetation that Bill's projects invoke. The excellent construction details and a quick and warm response to questions generated in complex projects creates an experience that inspires our company to seek contracts for Mammen Associates Architecture projects. We are proud show off the commercial and custom home projects we have completed for Bill's clients. Warmly recommended by Dave Gardner & Gary Boswell. Gardner & Boswell Construction.Read More

Bill did the plans for our first house in Park City, Utah in 1988. THe house was wonderful but our children startng having children of their own and we needed a larger house. There was never any question of who we would use. Our next Park City dream home became reality with Bill's expertise. When we were building a home in the east I asked Bill to look at the plans and he changed them completely making our home exactly what we wanted. Now more than 15 years after first meeting Bill he is designing our new home in Delaware. He has extroidinary patience and brilliant ideas. You will not find an architect more knoweleable and easy to work with. Over the years I have seen many homes that Bill designed and each is an individual project- unique to the surroundings and desire of his clients - nothing "cookie cutter" about his designs. If you end up using Bill for your home you will be dlighted with the results!Read More

Bill Mammen was a dream to work with. He was on the job daily, although we did not pay for supervision. His work is imaginative and outstanding.Read More

Bill Mammen designed and oversaw the remodeling of and new addition to an historic Old Town Park City, Utah house totaling 4200 square feet. At the time we were living in Delaware so much of the process was long distance. During the design phase Bill was focused on our needs and requests for the house, always carefully balancing those with the strict requirements of the historic committee. When any problems arose he handled them with patience and professionalism. His knowledge of design limitations in this area was a huge benefit. His experience in building on steep slopes was clear in his design and execution. During the building phase Bill was always available to consult with the contractor; their teamwork contributed to the success of the project. As offsite homeowners we had complete trust in his ability to help us make decisions when we were not in town. Bill was always eager to help whether it was tackling issues with a 100 year old roof or selecting bathroom tiles. His excitement about historic restoration and new construction in one project led to the creation of a fabulous home.Read More

Listened, designed, managed the building of our dream home. The experience was wonderful, Bill is among the best in his trade, and certainly deserves high marksRead More